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[rushed] This is hardly the time!
Has anyone seen a sonic screwdriver?
[a rare moment: taking a snooze]
No, not nearly right at all.
Well, don't just stand there! [running]
[laying on floor of the Tardis]
[unconscious, being dragged away by creature]
One foolproof weapon against Daleks: sofas!
[cosmic twinges, setting Tardis for TWNY]
...could do with some tea actually.
...should I be insulted or worried?
[contemplating escape] This is...clearly a misunderstanding.
Hello! Where's this now? Or when?
[staring, wreath on Tardis door] ...who...?
[steps out on deck 3, fascinated]
[knocked out cold and tied up]
There should have been another way...
Can never have too many companions
[leaning in doorway, observing lifeforms people]
JUST...sit...and don't touch anything.
Has anyone seen a large blue box?
[whistling, polishing the console] Where to?
[strolling through your universe, looking around]
[shivering] ...ok...maybe not this planet.
There is certainly alot of me
[sitting in isolation room, being isolated]
[opens Tardis doors] Where's this now?

Six Word Stories
Getting captured by Mitchell at SGC
Ten explains multiple universes to Amanda Q and is brilliant at it
Being brilliant with Ten
Taking Nyssa on a trip
Facing off with Six
Talking with a torchwood muse
Discussing his own birthday with Captain Jack
Talking with a dog
Another doctor looking for a box
Crossing over with Star Trek
Doctor and Claude
Sally Sparrow
Barbara interviewing aliens
Can't lick elbow
Meeting Outlanders
Talking to Doyle, human tardis?
The Doctor sneaks onto Spike's ship (cowboy bebop)
Talking with metacrisis Ten
Christmas wreath on Tardis door
Kaylee offering the Doctor a ride
Meeting the Master
Visiting Miami with Angel Horatio as a guide
One species is no better than another
Ten and Five in a Tardis, hilarity ensues
London and Mary Poppins
Does Watson need more adventure?
Adric thinks the Doctor is a duck??
A human tardis, Doctor defending her against the Master
Glowy Tardis is about to change
Action! Running! With Ianto Jones
Meeting a boy who's half timelord
Myfanwy taking the Doctor's chocolate
Five and Ten are off having adventures again
Very young Doctor
Brazen Hearts Doctor Five
Short trip with Namine as a companion
Finding unconscious Rose against the Tardis
Just the Doctor...
for reading: [broken verse] Theta ded, Red Tardis trapping people
Running away from Jackie Tyler
Rather affectionate human Tardis
Gives up his celery for another Five
20's Tardis changing forms
Possible time travel with Buffy
[broken verse] Hallucination of Five for trapped Broken Doctor Ten
with Sir Henry Baskerville, investigating the hound
Offering to take Sherlock (modern) for a trip
Boys night at the Hub, hosted by The Captain
Meeting 11 for the first time
Close encounters with a Leech
Agreeing with Patrick Jane on tea
Knowing the future isn't a good thing
Naming a Doctor
Talking to a time traveler's daughter
Physics class
Cute little bunny
Meeting Nine and getting rescued
Waltzing into TWNY to make tea
Laughing over girl 11
Robot and girl avatar
Meeting Hugh Grant doctor
Ianto is Welsh
Rapunzel wanders into the Tardis
Bieber fever is dangerous
Need to quit running into 10s
Another Five?
Not late for Yana
Facing off with the Master
Showing Jayne Cobb the Tardis
Arthur Conan Doyle's autograph
John H. Watson
Trying to get his box back from Lestrade
Running into and with Ten
No surrendering for dying?
Hugged by small ginger girl
Meeting Charles Xavier
Romana is back
Accidental landing in LOTR movie
Turlough after their adventures
No hugs from ten
The 1940's with Peggy Carter
Human Tardis
Earth is not "harmless"
Arguing with Six
His daughter is cutting a turkey
Reunited with Susan
Deja vu with Five
Doctor Sam Tam
Cardboard Tardis
Mycroft holding Tardis hostage
Landing in Paris during the French Revolution

Dear Mun
Avoiding birthdays with Eight
If this keeps up, I'll be my own cricket team...
Burned and crispy Master
Arguing clothes with Six
Epic Doctor pile!
Time Machine Insurance?

Fandom Smash
Meeting AU Star Wars muse
New Arrival post in fandom_smash
Thinks Marty Mcfly's time machine is rubbish
Meeting Captain Mal Reynolds
Meeting Spock and McCoy
Going to a party in Fandom Smash, Barbara shows up as well
Doctor kidnapped by Davros, Jack Harkness, Mal, and Kaylee to the rescue

Sci-fi Sixwords
Why do they always wander off?
[whistling, polishing the console] Where to?

Vending Machine fic meme
Lazy day with Rose Tyler
Trapped with 11
Hal Jordan's death

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