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It was an average day. The sun was shining. People were milling around, driving here, walking there...chatting on cellphones...

Somewhere in a small kids park in the city, a blue phone box slowly rematerialized with a grinding sound that died away as it came into being. The door opened and out stepped the Doctor. He breathed in, always liking it when he changed timelines. Something new about the past, something about being there rather than just hearing about it.

He looked off at a nearby clock tower, noting he'd made it spot on. "Atta girl," he patted the Tardis with a smile. He'd brought them 15 minutes before Sam had said his accident had happened. He hadn't been able to set them down exactly where he'd said, but the Doctor had made it within a few blocks at least...he was pretty sure...

Besides, it wouldn't have looked good to set down like that in such a heavily populated area. He knocked on the tardis door. "It's alright, you can come out now." He wondered why Sam was taking so long. They were here, weren't they?

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Same heard the knock. He'd been waiting for what seemed like eternity. He's up. He's ready. Sam Tyler is gonna take the world by its tail and kick some time thieving butts. He's gonna an actual Dodge ball?!

"What, no, wait, this isn't ...oh, ok. It's one block over and two blocks up." Sam blinked; His eyes were slightly puffy and red from stress and lack of good sleep. But it was what he was NOT seeing, besides the apartments, that captivated his attention the most. The Towers were gone. Again. He did not know what to think on that. There was too much going on, too many squirrely nightmares and thoughts, believe it or not.

"Ok, right, this way then." Sam looked as if he were going to power walk the entire way before he stopped. "How early are we again?"

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The Doctor frowned as Sam took off like his life depended on it. With a sigh, because he couldn't let him wander off that fast, the Doctor strided up as quickly as he could, just barely keeping up. "Fifteen minutes. And don't forget your promise or I'm hauling you back to the 70's and leaving you there."

They were turning the corner after a block or two...

Date: 2009-03-29 11:14 pm (UTC)
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The threat of going back was pretty effective. As a sign of peace, hands went up in the air and he slowed down. Though his mind was still racing, he kept at the Doctor's pace best he could. "Right, right." Sam pointed after the first block had been passed and guided them slowly up the first of two blocks.

"Out of curiosity, while we're waiting and looking for a place to hide from the current me, is it necessarily a bad thing to talk to your childhood self?"

Date: 2009-03-30 12:20 am (UTC)
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"Depends," the Doctor said, considering the buildings above them. "Saying hi is one thing...handing them an IPOD is another..."
He halted as they came to a corner, taking the lead and cutting in front of Sam. "Ok, what do you remember about today? Where did you go exactly? We don't want to end up having yourself walking up behind us."

Date: 2009-04-01 08:08 pm (UTC)
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Hands on hips, he paused, stalling for precious time. "We were on this really bad case, Guy called Raimes. Met his childhood self and his twin, just so you know ...hmm, I was chasing back to his apartments in my car. I got out and BAM! Speeding car or at least I think it was, got me."

As he finished, he thought he could hear a car from about two blocks away speeding and screeching its tires. but he was wrong. It was still a few minutes off before that would occur.

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The Doctor nodded thoughtfully. "That's a nice quick way to go...sure better than falling off a scaffold..." He doesn't explain this but peers around the corner. "Alright, we stay right here, got it? We're only observers."

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(ooc getting to this today - I forgot it was my turn)

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OOC: Take your time, it's not going anywhere. :)

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Sam was busy looking for signs. Looking, Waiting. Glancing from the empty street to the apartments, and then back to the Doctor. As they looked about, something really started to worry Sam, Two things, really. One, too much time had passed and three, he finally noticed that he was still in clothes from the seventies. Maybe it meant nothing and maybe it meant everything. He started to pace, but was careful to stay close to the doctor.

"This isn't right. Something isn't right." Sam muttered, keeping up with the pacing and worrying.

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The Doctor had been amusing himself with a yoyo once he got bored with waiting for the other Sam to show up. He checked his pocketwatch. "Are you certain of the time and date? You should have been here by now."

This whole thing felt wrong to him, it had since they got here, but he wasn't going to say anything. Not till whatever it was that was wrong showed itself.

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"Yeah, I mean yeah, I'm pretty sure." But doubt lines creased his forehead and he started to pale and his head started to throb. Funny that he should start to pale and sicken right about the time he was supposed to be in a coma.

It was only mere moments after the crash he swore up and down (*even now) had passed. But he was already in full blown panic mode.

"I think, I think I'm gonna be sick." Giving the Doctor very little time to get out of his way, Sam veered left and did exactly that, barely missing the Doctor's spiffy looking, if odd, suit.

Making this up as I go :)

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The Doctor watched him, nonplussed, as he was throwing up and consulted his pocketwatch. "Hmmm...." he looked back at the place where the accident was supposed to have happened.

"Maybe we should..." The Doctor didn't get a chance to finish that sentence. A quick burst of energy consumed the two men where they stood, leaving the alley completely deserted again.

"...go back to the....TARDIS..." The other end of the sentence was said to a very small and square room they were in. One with no windows and no visible exits.
They had both rematerialized in the same positions they had been in the alley. The Doctor actually seemed happy by this new development. "Now we're getting somewhere."

Re: Making this up as I go :)

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It was hard to look dignified after being sick, but he pulled it off as best he could. And just as he was getting himself back together, the quick burst of energy doing whatever it did to them, threw Sam right off kilter again. Props to him though, he was playing it cool, like that was supposed to happen. Uh huh.

"So, we're getting ...hmm,going where with what?" Eyes blinking rapidly, he was hyper alert now, waiting for the next freaky occurrence to happen. And this time, no throwing up.

Date: 2009-05-02 05:35 pm (UTC)
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The Doctor was already tapping the walls, listening for any strange sounds, and pulling out his sonic screwdriver. "It means that you were telling the truth. Someone...or something didn't want us there at that particular moment. I knew there was something wrong with wherever we if we can just find a way out of here..."

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"Can I help with anyhin ...?"

That's when he saw it. Not that he would be able to convince the Doctor guy that it was there. Along the edge of the wall, there was one of those tiny toy-like machines again. It stopped, he blinked. He reached down, it scurried away, most likely not visible to any but Sam. Blinking wildly once more.

"Are you looking for hollow points? Trap tick door?" Trying to be helpful he paused, and then made the universal gesture of zipping lips to let the Doctor figure this one out.

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The Doctor was buzzing his sonic screwdriver along the wall and suddenly dug his fingernails into the wall, pulling off a hidden panel. "How about a holographic switchboard?" he said with a satisfied smile, throwing two of the switches.

The whole room faded, showing what it really was. It was the same room, only not as pristine and white. The hidden mechanism that had beamed them here was above them, a sort of electronic shower-head looking device. The walls had faded to a black with bits of glowing parts in it like the inside of a computer.
And at one end of the room was an open doorway that hadn't been visible before.


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