Mar. 15th, 2009

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The door closed with a whirr and the Doctor set about working at the controls. He had a passenger with him this time, a charming young lady by the name of Maggie. She was standing off to the side quietly, not able to see the console or the inside of the tardis itself. The Doctor wondered if she would really be able to enjoy the trip despite the fact they were going through time and space, she really wouldn't be able to see it...because she was blind.

The Doctor flicked a switch here and there, setting the main time rotor moving up and down as the TARDIS dematerialized from where it stood and began it's trek through the vortex. It was a bumpy ride but the Doctor was used to it.

"Right," he said, programming the controls in front of him. "Earth...Paris, France...1873..."
*beeps and bloops from the console*

He looks up at her with a thought. "We're probably going to need to get you some different clothes."
fifthdoctor: (the tardis)
The Doctor pushed through the doors of the police precinct and walked off in the direction where he'd parked the TARDIS, hands jammed in his pockets. He was still kicking himself for getting involved as he heard his strange new companion trotting along behind him. Couldn't just stay incognito, could you, he told himself. Now he was stuck with returning this Sam Tyler character ([ profile] ovr_teh_rainbow) back to the very dull year of 2009.

He did dislike using the Tardis as a taxi service. Maybe he was getting soft in his old age...

The Tardis was where he'd left it in an alley, standing ready and waiting for him. The Doctor smiled, she always looked like home to him no matter where he was.
He fumbled with the keys, looking around to make sure they weren't being watched as he worked on unlocking the door.


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